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4-Video Listing Booster System

Your Monthly Membership Includes THESE 4 MUST HAVE Videos

#1 Just Listed | #2 Open House | #3 Thanks For Visiting | #4 Just Sold

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Our Monthly Membership Includes One Listing Booster Bundle Consisting Of The 
Four Most Frequently Used Transactional Marketing Videos

  • Just Listed video - The first video you want to send to everyone you know to let them know that you or someone from your team has a listing!
  • Open House video - Typically you might have multiple Open Houses. You can update your video and send out again in 24 hours!
  • ​Thanks For Visiting video - Frequently the problem is, people don't remember the home, send this video and follow up!
  • Just Sold - Let everyone know you sell! You can also use this to send out a collage of Sold Homes to demonstrate that you sell

Features And Benefits of Our Listing Booster Pack Videos

  • Our Listing Booster (Agent Branded) videos are feature rich with your contact information, 
  • Personalized means the viewer will see their Name and Image in-video. Something not normally seen before.
  • Done as we teach, this becomes an opportunity to interact with your Sphere of Influence, they enjoy seeing the video.Talk to them!
  • Interactive means you can have as many as 4 - 6 clickable in-video "Hot Spots" to control your viewers actions.
  • Links to wherever you want to send viewers. How much is your home worth? Search for home? Call me? Schedule an appointment? You decide and we make it true!
  • Viewers can even click on your phone number, with cell phones and give you a call about that listing instantly from within the video!
  • Co-Marketers, the concept is to form a team with fellow service providers, Loan Officers, Inspectors etc.
  • ​Space for up to 4 co-marketers allows participation in creating 5X - 10X more viewers for your videos reach.
  • Your team should refer to each other from their Sphere of Influence. They are NOT giving you their list! 
  • Our Listing Booster (Agent Branded) videos can all be updated on request, so they will always be up to date! 
  • Evergreen (always marketable) can also be kept current.
  • All changes/updates can be done in 24-48 hours. Open House changes take priority - 24 hour turnover time. 

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Demo - Just Listed

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Demo - Thanks For Visiting

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Demo - Just Sold

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Real estate is not an easy business.

According to "Why Real Estate Agents Will Fail in 2021" (Hooquest) Between 80-90% of new agents do not make it to their third year as agents. If you are getting into this industry, you need to have a mindset that you are going to be in the top 10%. Those are the agents that survive and thrive. It’s not good enough to be average.

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